To the pastor:
The Pates offer time-honored truths from the Bible and their books that will both inform and inspire your congregation.

Would your church like to know better the origin of the Bible and how reliable its translations are?

Is your congregation, like millions of other Americans, concerned about what biblical prophecy says about the end times?

Do your people sometimes get bogged down in the trees of details in the Bible rather than see the forest as a whole, that is, the big picture?

How can you and your staff deal with troubled people in the church?

Does your church need help sorting out fact from fiction regarding the closing of the canon? To put it another way, what do your people do with the DaVinci Code and other apocryphal gospels on offer today?

Would you like your congregation to spend focused time on: the life of Christ, Romans,  the Epistles of John,  or on the granddaddy of them all—the book of Revelation?

Does your church need a marriage seminar based on biblical principles?

Do your people have a good grasp on how to interpret the Bible?

Does your staff need a break-away time focusing on church leadership?


These and other pressing questions and needs in the church today are addressed in Pate Ministries, some fifteen conference packages available to ministers and their churches.

Drawing on their thirty plus years of marriage and ministry, Marvin and Sherry Pate are committed to serving pastors and local churches through teaching these mini-courses. Knowledgeable, affordable and personable, the information in these conference packages have touched thousands. With them, the theme of Pate Ministries has rung true time and time again—biblical truth for transformed living!

While the fifteen conference packages are ready to go as is, the Pates can adapt the information contained therein for the specific needs of each church as the pastor so desires.

For further detail, check out our “About Us” and “Packages” pages. God bless.

Marvin & Sherry Pate