Corporate Package Descriptions

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How We Got The Bible
This conference package highlights how God’s verbal word to humanity was recorded throughout time over 1,500 years and by some 40 authors, forming the Bible. The course discusses the original languages of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, and how the sacred Scriptures were accurately passed on from people group to people group, including the transmission of the English Bible. Your congregation will come away from this conference awestruck at the inspired nature of the Bible as well as a having a deep appreciation for those who sacrificed so much that we today might have in our hands God’s holy word.

What Does The Future Hold?

Billboards across the United States predict that the return of Jesus Christ will occur on May 21, 2011. Is this true? If not, then what about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end as we know it in 2012? Did 1948, which witnessed the re-gathering of Israel as a nation, begin the last generation of history? Are we living in the last days? Will the church be raptured to heaven before the arrival of the Great Tribulation? This conference series will answer these questions regarding biblical prophecy, and more, as we discuss the three major views of the future—premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism. The sessions of this conference will reveal that there is a proper way and an improper way to interpret biblical prophecies. The former lets the authors of the Bible speak for themselves while the latter inappropriately reads current events back onto the biblical text. Your congregation will leave this conference equipped with the hermeneutical key of the already/not yet dynamic for accurately interpreting the prophecies of the sacred Scriptures.

From Plato to Jesus: What Does Philosophy have to do with Theology?

This challenging conference package argues that the construct of “the one and the many” is an important key for understanding the history of philosophy and that such a concept anticipates the Incarnation of God in Christ. Jesus Christ is the one (God) in the many (humanity), and all major Christian doctrines flow from this remarkable reality. So this conference series will arm your congregation with a rather surprising weapon in the arsenal of Christian apologetics—philosophy!

The Story of the Bible

Have you ever wondered how the Bible fits together? Well, this conference series provides a “formula” for grasping the story of the Bible—sin, exile and restoration. From the Pentateuch to the historical books to the writings to the Old Testament prophets and right through the New Testament, Israel’s sin, God’s judgment upon Israel in the form of exile, and the divine promise of restoration which is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ beautifully unfolds the message of the Scriptures. The attendees of this conference will come to a better understanding of how the Bible fits together.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 and their subsequent publication in the years that followed is arguably the most important archaeological event connected to biblical studies. This conference package will demonstrate the importance of those scrolls for the reliability of the Old Testament text as well as document the eschatological background of the Essene writings for understanding the New Testament. Thus the Dead Sea Scrolls are the only writings in second temple Judaism that shared with early Christianity the claim to be the new covenant community promised in the Old Testament prophets. Indeed the Essenes, like the New Testament authors, portrayed themselves as the new temple of the Messiah. These critical matters and more (like the relationship between John the Baptist and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the close proximity of the Essenes to the first century Christians in Jerusalem, the apocalyptic message of Revelation and the Qumran War Scroll, pesher hermeneutics and the New Testament writers) will provide the attendees of this conference both informational and inspirational sessions that will significantly enhance the way they read their Bible.

Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in the Church

This conference package can be opened to the church at large but just as well could be geared to the leadership of the church. In this series Marvin and Sherry share from their book and some 30 years of pastoral experience how to recognize and help those who suffer from a personality disorder. Many of those in the church who pose an interpersonal nightmare for the pastor and his leadership team actually suffer just as much psychologically as they do spiritually. Narcissists, histrionics, dependents, anti-socials, paranoids, schizoids, and others like them need deliverance fromthemselves and this conference can show how that is to be done. The Pates will guide you through an analysis of some eight personality disorders and then show how the fruit of the Spirit is tailor-made to treat each of these needy people. No pastor, staff, or leader in the church should go without this vital training, teaching that can greatly help those afflicted in the church by unhealthy personalities. Such positive results will not only make a difference for those with personality disorders but they can also bring healing and unity to the church at large.

The Life of Christ

Based on the four Gospels, this conference series will overview the life of the greatest person who has ever lived—Jesus Christ, his: virginal conception, baptism and temptation, calling of the disciples, parables, miracles, Sermon on the Mount, passion, and resurrection. We will trace the footsteps of Jesus from his birth in Bethlehem to his rearing in Nazareth to his greater Galilean ministry to his final journey to Jerusalem. Above all, this series will explore the major message of Jesus—the dawning of the kingdom of God. Your congregation will be renewed spiritually after encountering such a power-packed presentation of Jesus, who is Messiah of Israel, Savior of the world, and Lord of the universe!

Is the New Testament Canon Closed?

In this conference series, Marvin and Sherry Pate deal with the crucial question, is the New Testament finished, or are there other writings that should be added to that sacred text?  Your congregation may not be aware of it, but a movement is sweeping across our country today that claims that the New Testament canon is not closed. Rather, novelists and scholars alike say that the New Testament should be supplemented by Gnostic gospels like the Gospel of Thomas. From the Jesus Seminar to the DaVinci Code to the Nag Hammadi documents and promoted by Ivy League universities, a growing number of influential people want to replace the four canonical gospels with a pluralistic and politically correct gospel. The result is that Jesus is being crucified in the media. But attendees of this conference will be equipped to defend the true gospel of Jesus Christ and the inspired, closed canon of the New Testament.

Romans: Paul’s New Covenant Letter

Based on Marvin’s new commentary on Romans, this conference package sheds new light on one of the most important books in the Bible, Paul’s letter to the Romans. The attendees of this series will be introduced to the covenant structure of Romans, based on the covenant outline encompassing Deuteronomy:

Deuteronomy and the Old Covenant of Israel

New Covenant in Romans

1) Preamble

1) Rom. 1:1-15 (conversion of Gentiles before the restoration of Israel)

2) Historical Prologue

2) Rom. 1:16-17 (spiritual, not physical or geographical, restoration in Christ)

3) Stipulations

3) Rom. 1:18-4:25 (by faith in Christ not the law of Moses)

4) Blessings

4) Rom. 5-8 (blessings on believing Gentiles)

5) Curses

5) Rom. 9-11 (curses on unbelieving Israel)

6) Appeal to Witnesses

6) Rom. 12:1-15:33 (renewal of the covenant ceremony)

7) Document Clause

7) Rom. 16 (on a letter not on stone)

This deepened understanding of Romans will further root God’s gift of righteousness to us in grace which is to be received by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The End of the Age Has Come: The Theology of Paul the Apostle

Second only in importance to Jesus Christ, the apostle Paul is arguably the most important Christian to have ever lived. This conference package therefore examines the key message of Paul—the eschatological tension of the “already/not yet”; that is, the overlapping of the two ages. This theme that the believer in Christ simultaneously lives in this age and the age to come is the grid through which to interpret the theology of Paul, his: theology proper, Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, soteriology, ecclesiology and, of course, his eschatology. The audience will come away from this conference series with a clear and coherent understanding of Paul the apostle as well as a new-found appreciation for his writings.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Apostle John

The “Mark of the Beast”; “666”; the “Antichrist”; seal, trumpet, bowl judgments; the Second Coming of Christ; the millennium; and much more!  These intriguing, if not foreboding, topics all come to together in one book—Revelation.  “Apocalypse”. To even say the name elicits a continuum of emotions ranging from fear to puzzlement to joy!  Little wonder, then, that one interpretation of the last book of the Bible has failed to garner a consensus opinion.  Rather, the interpretation of Revelation has customarily fallen along the lines of four major, essentially conflicting, hermeneutical approaches: preterist, historicist, futurist, and idealist. This conference will overview the preceding views of the revelation of Jesus Christ to the apostle John, and then offer the eschatological tension of the already/not yet as the key to understanding the last book in the Bible. The already aspect refers to John’s battle with the first century Roman Empire while the not yet refers to the future parousia, the second coming of Christ. Every Christian will profit from this fair, balanced and practical conference on the Apocalypse.

The Epistles of John

This conference series examines 1,2,3 John, noting how important it is to that apostle to show that Jesus Christ is both God and human. John’s opponents disagreed with the teaching that Jesus Christ is human, emphasizing only his deity. But the epistles of John beg to differ, demonstrating that to deny Jesus’ humanity is to set in motion a spiritual domino effect toppling the incarnation, the atonement itself, and Christian living! Every believer will profit from this expository look at 1,2,3 John, gaining new confidence in the fact that Jesus is the God-Man, deity en-clothed in humanity, as well as to be armed with orthodox truth in the face of modern theological heresies that distort who Jesus is.

How to Interpret the Bible

Based on Marvin’s twenty-three years of teaching students in the classroom as well as members of his churches, this conference package will equip the congregation with the tools for proper interpretation of the Bible. Following the time-honored hermeneutic of the historical-cultural- grammatical principles, Marvin will demonstrate how to approach each major genre in the Bible: Law, Historical Writings, Poetical Books and Prophets in the Old Testament and Gospels, Acts, Epistles and Revelation in the New Testament. The attendees of this lab-oriented series will emerge with a better grasp of the tools of proper biblical interpretation.

Marriage and Family: Heaven in the Home

One out of two marriages today ends in divorce, even in the Bible belt! Can this devastating trend be stopped and, if so, how? Drawing on their 34 years plus of marriage along with their over 30 years in the pastorate, Marvin and Sherry offer hope for the family today based on biblical principles. This conference package takes the congregation through the key passages in the New Testament on marriage and family—Ephesians 5-6/Colossians 3/I Peter 3. Following the divine instructions contained in these timeless texts will help to bring heaven in the home. Whether single, married or divorced, the attendees of this series will be encouraged and empowered to apply scriptural guidelines to their families and thereby enjoy God’s blessings on their lives. Don’t miss this inspirational reaffirmation of traditional, biblical marriage!

Leadership in the Church

Based on 30 years in the pastorate and over 20 years equipping young men and women in the classroom for the Christian ministry, Marvin hosts this conference on leadership in the church. The instruction manual for this series is none other than Paul’s guidance to Timothy and Titus—the Pastoral Epistles. Those who lead in the church will find in these amazing letters a treasure trove of help for shepherding the flock of God. Such topics as character development, mission-planning, interpersonal skills, sound theological beliefs, and more await the attendee of this conference package. Whether a veteran in church leadership or an aspiring leader to be, these sessions are sure to help all those called to be servants of the body of Christ.